Jerry Amernic

Jerry Amernic is a writer from Toronto. He is the author of five books and has been a newspaper reporter and columnist, feature writer for magazines, publisher of a magazine, college instructor of writing and journalism, and a consultant who provides valuable services for his clients. Those services include writing, PR and media relations, and training people how to be interviewed by the media.

His first book Victims: The Orphans of Justice was a look at Canada’s criminal justice system, and it led to a weekly column in a major Toronto newspaper. He later wrote two business-oriented books for a U.S. publisher.

Jerry’s first novel Gift of the Bambino was released in Canada by a small literary house that later went out of business. The story is about a young boy and the special relationship he has with his grandfather, and how they are bound by baseball and Babe Ruth. It’s a coming-of-age story that covers three generations of a family, much of it taking place in the early 1900s. The book got rave reviews and also got Jerry an agent who promptly sold it to St. Martin’s Press where it was released in hard cover. The day after release it was reviewed in The Wall Street Journal – positively. Gift of the Bambino has since been optioned for a film, and a screenplay has been written.

In writing that book, Jerry did a lot of research on Babe Ruth, and became an aficionado. He has since put together a proposal for a non-fiction book which he calls America’s Icon – The Enduring Legacy of Babe Ruth. Chapter 1 is devoted to the afternoon Jerry spent with Julia Ruth Stevens, Babe Ruth’s daughter who is now 95, and as sharp as the proverbial tack.

Jerry’s most recent book is Duty – The Life of a Cop, the memoir of the highest-profile police officer in Canadian history. The former chief of the Toronto police and Commissioner of the Ontario Provincial Police, Julian Fantino is now a member of Parliament and in the federal Cabinet of Canadian Prime Minister Steven Harper. He and Jerry remain good friends. The book was a best-seller.

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