Heather Webb

 Heather Webb grew up a military brat and naturally became obsessed with travel, culture, and languages. She acquired degrees in French and Cultural Geography, and put them to use teaching high school French for nearly a decade.

Hours of grading papers, dodging “football” riots on the Champs-Élysées, and shoving five hundred pounds of luggage from the train in the south of France did not quell her love of travel, or high school kids. But another passion called!

After some soul searching, Heather pursued her dream of writing fiction. Her debut novel BECOMING JOSEPHINE encompasses all that she loves about historical fiction—exotic settings, lush descriptions, and human questions that transcend time and space.
Currently, Heather teaches a novel writing course in her community, flexes her skills as a freelance editor, and maintains a blog with writing tips, contests, and author interviews, Between the Sheets. Her memberships in the Historical Novel Society, Backspace, and the Rocky Mountain Fiction Writers communities, in addition to online groups, enrich her as an author. One of her favorite parts of the business is mingling with fellow writers, agents, and editors!
When not writing, Heather may be found sampling wine or ogling kitchen gadgets. She lives in a small town in New England with her family, close enough to city hop, but far enough away to hear the frogs chirp at night. Find her on Twitter @msheatherwebb, Facebook, or her blog.
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