Jennifer Weltz

Jennifer WeltzAs Vice President of Jean V. Nagger Literary Agency, Inc., I wear many hats including overseeing the subsidiary rights and financial areas of the agency, but my favorite part of the day is immersing myself in a wonderful read!

In the adult market, I respond to well researched and original historicals and thrillers with a unique voice. I also have a soft spot for a beautiful romance, wry dark humor and some contemporary fantasy or magical realism. Enthralling narrative non-fiction that illuminates and inspires is always welcome as well.

In the realm of children’s books, I look for fun, fresh and exciting reads with characters that stay with me. No rhyming books please. I will consider both simple text and author/illustrators, but please do not have someone create illustrations for your text- it is simply NOT necessary. I also love a great Middle Grade read- here I find the voice to be key. If I want to hang out with your character, I’m in! Because of my extensive work in the international market I am always on the lookout for the kind of book that travels well and has a strong international appeal.