Suzie Townsend

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Suzie Townsend is an agent with New Leaf Literary & Media. She was a high school English teacher for six years before changing careers and joining FinePrint as an intern. Suzie runs the Confessions of a Wandering Heart blog.

She is seeking: everything from children’s books (chapter books to YA, both fiction and nonfiction) to adult fiction (speculative, fantasy, urban fantasy, science fiction, and romance, especially paranormal). She gravitates toward strong female protagonists, complex plot lines with underlying political, moral, or philosophical issues, and stories that break out of the typical tropes of their genre, like Jacqueline Carey’s Kushiel series. She likes select narrative nonfiction (with special interest in food, memoir, pets, pop culture, and teaching). She’s not interested in screenplays, poetry, or picture books.

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