Don Lafferty

donald laffertyAfter my discharge from the US Air Force where I spent four years flight testing guidance systems for the B-1 bomber program, I entered the sales and marketing end of the electronics industry on the first working day of 1984.

Within a few short years I’d become widely regarded as one of the strongest technical communicators in the business.

Since then, I’ve developed solutions for companies targeting new markets and increased market share, including some of the biggest brands in the electronics industry.

With the emergence and growth of online social networks like Facebook, MySpace, YouTube, LinkedIn and Twitter, I’ve focused on working with clients to craft and execute successful online marketing strategies through the tools available within these communities.

I continue to lead from the front lines of the Social Media space, defining effective strategies and tactics for my clients, enabling them to capitalize on this exploding opportunity to connect with their customers like never before.

I’ve been published in numerous national magazines and blogs, where I help to demystify the rapidly changing Social Media landscape, and offer recommendations for incorporating these tools and communities into the marketing strategies of non-profits, corporations and local businesses, as well as individuals building their personal brand.

Vist my website at

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